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GPS Tracking The Way You Need It.
Devices and Service To Meet Any Need & Budget
Portable Plug & Play Hardwired

Small enough to fit in a pocket and rugged enough to be mounted under a vehicle.  The portable devices and accessories allow for multiple configurations and up to 90 days of use on a single charge.

This easy to use device requires no professional installation and no wiring. Simply plug the MT-OBD  directly into the OBDII port located under your dashboard and you're ready to go.
Simple install, connects directly to your vehicle.  Our most covert tracker works in any make model or year vehicle.  Perfect for any vehicle, trucks, fleets or heavy machinery. Optional battery backup keeps tracking even if disconnected.


with purchase of
select service plan

On Sale for $78.00
$34.00 with purchase of
select service plan

On Sale for $78.00
$34.00 with purchase of
select service plan

1 Free Month of Tracking on Mastrack
Pick any of our services plans and we will give you an extra month free.

Available for new device purchases ONLY activated from 8/1/2015 to 9/30/2015, on any service plan, including pre-pay.
Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Hassle Free Service. No long term contracts. Cancel any time. 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


MASTRACK gives you the ability to keep track and protect what is important: your business, family and valuable assets.
MASTRACK - Street Views   MASTRACK - GEOFENCE   MASTRACK - Park and Track
Are your employees, company vehicles, and equipment where and when they should be?

  • Monitor starts and stops.
  • Track speed and receive alerts when speed is excessive or vehicle leaves the Geofence.
  • Locate vehicle 24/7, Fleet Tracking
  • Trip Report
  • Verify employee's activity
  • Confirm employee's status
  • View all vehicles on one map
  • Street Views
  • Directions


  • Save on Fuel Costs
  • Improve Safety, Reduce Speeding
  • Stop unauthorized usage
  • Improve customer service
  • Recover stolen vehicle quickly
  • Provide time confirmation
  • Assist lost drivers
  • Send assistance to a distressed driver



Do you know where your children are?  Your pet?  Do you want to know right away when there is an emergency?

MASTRACK gives you peace of mind:
  • Locate family or pet 24/7
  • Monitor teen driving speeds,
    mileage use
  • Receive Alerts when child leaves
    the GEOFENCE
  • SOS emergency button


  • Protect and keep an eye on your children
  • Improve your teen’s driving habits
  • Keep insurance costs down
  • Monitor that teen drives only in the area you predetermine with Geofence
  • Receive emergency alerts via email and text message. Alerts provide you and elderly parents, who live alone, with peace of mind. Seniors can SOS for assistance from any location in case of falls or an accident.
  • Alzheimer patients can wander off, know where they are and reduce the possibility of putting themselves or others at risk.
Are your valuables safe?  Do you know where they are?

Manage asset usage with MASTRACK:
  • Obtain location status 24/7 Identify unauthorized usage or relocation,
    Park and Track.
  • Custom Reporting and Alerts
  • Battery Operated Device
  • Up to 90 day battery life with the optional Hibernator Case 6600
  • Track property
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Provide Law Enforcement with immediate live information to expedite a successful recovery in case of theft
  • Avoid increased insurance and replacement costs if asset is misplaced or lost
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