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  • Secure Sign in requiring a verified user name and password.
  • View all trackers on one map or view each tracker on a separate map.
  • Tracks are color coded to easily identify stops, alerts and events.
  • Tracks are numbered to distinguish between earlier and later tracks.
  • View the current position only or the entire day's history.
  • View a variety of customized reports containing information you define; report information may include each track of any given day, details of specific stops with stop duration indicating the time, location, and other pertinent information, speeding, excessive idling, aggressive driving , VIN, and more.
  • List of all devices and the date, time and location of last report.
  • Pan the map in every direction.
  • Zoom in and out to see more or less detail as necessary.
  • Get directions to or from any tracked point.
  • See Street View images to experience and understand the surrounding area.
  • View live traffic conditions in the map viewing area.
  • Choose View: Map, Satellite or Hybrid.
  • Click on any track point to see speed, time stamp and location information.

Enter an address, the name of a location or just a generic like gas or restaurant. Google Maps will return results starting with locations in the most immediate vicinity of the tracker.

Control Panel:
  • Expand or Collapse the Control panel to use the map in full screen
  • Choose to see the last track, the last few tracks or every track of the day
  • Show or hide your Geofences
  • Click the refresh button ON to have continuous tracker updates or OFF to view only current tracks on the map without interruption.  
  • Poll the tracker to determine its most current location
  • Create and delete Geofences and Geofence Alerts
  • See the History of any given day or time period directly on the map
  • Create and Change names and settings for each device
  • Manage Alerts

Manage the Alerts you wish to receive and assign email addresses and cell phone number that should be contacted for notifications.  

Set and receive Alerts:
  • Battery:  Low Power notifications advising of the need to charge the tracker.
  • Speed: Set a speed alert and be notified when a specific speed has been exceeded.
  • Geofence: Select an area on the map and be notified when the tracker enters and/or leaves the determined area.
  • Button Geofence: Set notification and distance parameters for the button press Geofence.
  • Park and Track: Set notification parameters when the Park and Track alert feature is activated.
  • SOS: Set notification parameters when the SOS button press has been activated.
  • Tow:  Notifies you if vehicle is being towed.
  • Ignition: Notification when ignition switches ON or OFF.
  • Idling: Lets you know of prolonged idling.
  • Aggressive driving: Be alerted of aggressive driving behavior.
  • Main Battery Disconnect: Advises you if the vehicle’s battery is disconnected
  • Voltage:  Sends a notification if the vehicles battery voltage falls below optimal level
  • Maintenance Alerts: Set specific date(s) or mileage for vehicle maintenance
  • And more….

Note: ALL Alerts can be modified to fit your needs. 
Unlimited number of text message & email alert recipients.
 All Alerts, Reports and Historical information can be viewed at any time, 24/7, directly on the Web based tracking portal.


  • Review historical information for the last 12+ months
  • Determine routes taken
  • Identify stops made
  • See History of any given day or time period directly on the map or on written report
  • Verify personnel’s location  for more accurate customer billing and employee payroll


  • Get directions to or from any tracked point
  • Live Traffic information gives you the ability to notify drivers and avoid delays
  • Google Search bar allows you to search for locations and returns address and telephone number information


  • Click the Poll button on the Control Panel to request new updated information without having to wait for the next event or regular interval report.
  • Send a text message from any authorized cell phone and receive a text message response with new and updated information.

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